REAL™(Realistic Environment for Active Learning)

Our training philosophy stems from our belief in hands-on learning within the context of realistic situations, where both theory and application meet.

Our lessons are conducted outdoors such that clients are exposed to REAL™ classrooms – the wilderness. Our aim is to bridge the gap by facilitating and gleaning precious lessons that Nature provides as we “let the Mountain speak for itself”.

Risks are a reality and consequences can be instantaneous in such dynamic environments. Leadership and teamwork will be tested; personal limits will be challenged. You will be matched with a suitable guide and we will be alongside you negotiating these challenges at your pace.

LEAP© (Learn . Experience . Appreciate . Perform)

We strongly believe that with effort and perseverance, one will reap the many benefits of mental, emotional and physical health.

Our model allows clients to:

  • Learn valuable life skills in dealing with the challenges ahead.
  • Experience conquering unforeseen circumstances.
  • Appreciate simple pleasures in life through reflection.
  • Perform at your personal best and unlock latent potential.


There are many great conferences, motivational seminars, workshops and models, but nothing beats first-hand experience.

With these twin tenets at the heart of Incredible Journeys, we take pride in seeing our clients fulfill their lifelong dreams and conquering their personal “Everest”.