14 Days
Ban Chang / Khao Son

Learn to fly from the best, Mr. Suviwat Hannarongsak. He is the founder, the father of paragliding in Thailand. Incredible Journeys is proud to have him as the senior instructor and assessor to accredit our participants. You may have an alternative ways of getting down the mountain in your next climb 🙂

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Singapore – Phuket – Singapore
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 2 hours before the flight.
TYPE Course – Basic
  • City wear
  • Longs to protect limbs
  • Elbow and Knee guards (optional)
  • Rain gear
  • Layering for colder days
Briefing before the trip
Paragliding training by certified instructor
Vehicle transportation with support staff
Paragliding equipment (Glider and Helmet)
Para Pro 1 & 2 license
Return air ticket from your respective country
Airport taxes and personal travel insurance

Day 1

Airport pick up, Drive to Ban Chang

Day 2-7

Para Pro 1

Day 8

Drive to Khao Son

Day 9-13

Para Pro 2


Day 14

Tranpsort back to Bangkok Suvarnabumi Airport


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Paying Your

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Safety Your safety and welfare is our primary concern, however you do participate at your own risk and must accept personal liability for any injury or loss. Note: there are times during your itinerary when you will not be under the direct supervision of the staff.
Water confidence You must be confident in open-water, river and able to swim 100m.
Medical History Depending on your medical status, Incredible Journeys may require you to seek a Doctor’s consultation and permission prior to attending the programme. This will be done in consultation with the participant or your programme sponsor, including employer or school.
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